Heatwave to last for a week

The sun setting in the west: Pic Darren Marsden

Weather forecasters are saying the weather will become very warm from Friday and will last all weekend and into next week.

Temperatures here in Manchester could see over 30c in some parts, it will be very uncomfortable during the evening with temperatures going no lower than 23c.

The higher temperatures could spark of a thunderstorm in some places, we suggest you put back on your sun tan lotion as the UV levels will also be very high, the pollen count will be high so if you have hayfever make sure you take your medication.

Keep dogs out of cars and vans! even with the window slightly open it won’t make any difference, your loving dog will suffer and could even be dead by the time you get back.

If you are a runner or cyclist, just take it easy for a few days, even pro sportsmen have died because they did too much in the extreme heat of the day, keep hydrated.

For all the information from the Met Office go to our weather page.

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