Police detain three males in Partington after robbing a vehicle from Sainsbury’s car park in Sale

Police have detained three males today after they stole a vehicle from the Sainsbury’s car park in Sale.

The pursuit ended up in the country lanes where temporarily police lost the three offenders, a short time later police found the car parked up in Partington.

With the help of Trafford CCTV system and the force helicopter all three males have now been detained and arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle, theft from a motor vehicle and burglary.

All offenders were from the Oldham and Rochdale areas of Greater Manchester.

This comes after another day of police activity was seen near the Oak Road area which also included the force helicopter, it has not yet known what the issues were.

Police in Partington have in recent weeks told people on social media they mean business and will tackle all forms of anti social behaviour with the help of Trafford Council.

If you have any images or video footage of what was going on today please send to us either through Facebook or email.

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