Top UK doctor claims Covid-19 has all but fizzled out in the UK

A top UK doctor who works in the Birmingham area has said on an interview on Newsnight that currently only 10 people are in hospital suffering from the virus.

No one has died anywhere from the virus and says that the UK has gone too far with its response at this time.

Other medics have also since come out to claim that the virus has all but gone, although it should be monitored.

We have to believe the doctors and nurses before any politician yet it seems we are not and so believing dodgy statistics, keeping people in fear is something we cannot understand other than maybe Big Pharma holding a gun to leaders heads!

Corruption is behind most of what we are seeing, the wearing of masks is an attempt to keep us scared, not to help us with any virus that is clearly now in control.

The lockdown was not needed, masks have been proven to be unsafe and plans from today to keep us wearing them is laughable, it is more odd that police do not need to wear one because ‘It may cause communication problems in the community’

We know many people are frightened, it is now time to rise up and look at what is going on.

That said people did die, people did get sick from this virus, no one here is saying it was a lie! something was out there just not as bad as was claimed.

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