When we first published the article about a planned 5G mast installation on Stamford Brook Road in Altrincham it attracted a lot of attention.

We are incredibly delighted with the response of all those that have opposed this huge 5G mast.

Residents have now published leaflets about the mast and have put up a huge banner on the road.

We have been in contact with residents and the chair of Stamford Brook residents association Carolyn Dean.

Carolyn said: “As a community leader, local resident and conservationist I am deeply concerned about the choice of location for this enormous eyesore.

“We have strived to meet the vision of Stamford Brook’s conception as a harmonious blend of living spaces for people and nature.

“We reuse all surface rainfall on Stamford Brook into our intricately designed SUDS ponds, all communal areas are maintained with timed precision to sympathetically protect and nurture wildlife.

“Shared, accessible cycle and walking pathways are weaved through the area to connect open green spaces for all to enjoy.

“The housing is built from sustainable materials and is carefully designed to create the feel of a rural National Trust village.

“Lengths of British wildflower meadows, copses of British trees and reed lined ponds enable nature to thrive and visitors to immerse themselves in a peaceful environment.

“We have an active community group, who put their heart and soul into safeguarding this flagship development to maintain what was originally envisaged by the developers.

“To propose a 20 metre 5G mast be positioned at the entrance of this development, within a few steps of houses is an outrage.

“People do not want or need this here. Nature does not want or need this here.

“It seems to us that many residents who have objected have done so because of how the 5G mast looks more than what we are concerned about, it is hoped we can clarify the dangers of having a 5G mast situated in such a poor position and close to the college and nearby homes.”

For some weird reason councillors have gone off a 1998 set of ICNIRP guidelines, these were out of date, the information was tacky and if you did not understand then you would be lost at page one.

The new set of guidelines are easier to understand and actually very clear about the health impacts of these frequencies.

In much of the text ICNIRP themselves could not give an answer to what the outcomes will be regarding safety of these masts and more so the millimetre wave masts and antennas that we fear most about, since they will be everywhere around us beaming up to 300GHz of microwave radiation at people.

What does this mean? it has been scientifically proven and even ICNIRP are saying these frequencies will warm the skin up (thermal) much of this will go through the skin and do lots of damage.

Our eyes will be affected as the frequencies will burn them although not to the extent you may be thinking, however damage to the eye no matter how small or large is not good.

Here in Trafford sadly many recent masts have been approved, many more though have been added to the planning lists and we need to object to all of them, even if you do not live in the area you can still object.

You need to get your councillors involved, already we have seen one mast on Coppice Avenue rejected because of a councillor objecting, another councillor in Flixton has also since objected, we congratulate them for standing up for the people, we need more to object even if its just for the mast to be ugly or out of place.

We fully support Stamford Brook Close in Altrincham and will do what it takes to make sure the mast is not approved.