Abandoned rail line: Not good news for Partington

The abandoned rail line that goes from Partington out towards Timperley has been in the hands of a business man who wanted it for a steam train line when that fell through Sustrans claimed it was there line, nothing came from that and now the MP Kate Green has asked for funding to get it back open again.

The MP wants the route brought back to life as a train line again, however we have since got information that will not delight anyone in Partington or anyone else who will be using the route.

Broadheath residents association have since told us that they would oppose the route becoming a train line again, a member of the association has told us that some people have adopted some parts of the line, which would mean the end of Kate Green’s dream no matter how much she threw at it.

It is not all doom and gloom though, everyone is in favour of it being a cycle/Run/Walk route, which makes perfect sense to us as Sinderland Lane increasingly becomes a more dangerous road that every day goes by.

Partington though we feel is a ticking timb bomb, it is only a matter of time before all the roads are blocked with the small relief road being built may give them about 15 minutes off the journey time if you are heading for Sale that is.

We ask Cllr Adele New in good faith to do something special for the good people of Partington and help get that abandoned rail line opened up as a cycle/run/walk path making sure no motorbikes can access any part of the route, if the other two councillors could also help out this would be of great use, the more people get involved the better.

Partington needs a new route out of the place, this might be there only chance they have, we cannot afford for it to slip away with Kate Green’s pipe dreams that will ultimately be a nightmare no one wanted.

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