Broadheath Labour Cllrs stands by the people objecting to a 5G mast in Altrincham

We are delighted to inform you all that Broadheath Councillors Denise Western and Amy Whyte have objected to the 5G mast that is planned to be installed on Stamford Brook Road.

The application could still be approved although due to the amount of people now objecting for various reasons and of course now with the full and thankful backing of Broadheath Councillors the chances of an approval look very slim.

Three who will operate the mast have so far not been very clever at where they want the mast to operate from, where as O2 has looked at positions where for many of the masts are located in none residential areas.

The response to this was really pleasing to see, and does prove now without any doubts that people power really exists and is strong in Trafford.

What we ask people too do is click this link https://publicaccess.trafford.gov.uk/online-applications/ then enter in the search area the word: monopole

You will then see a list of all mobile phone masts, choose the masts that have not yet been decided and object! to do this even if it is not in your area which is allowed you click the login or register bit at the top of the page.

It is incredibly important to Trafford residents and to yourself and family to object even if you do not like them! whilst we know about the health issues that will come about because of the higher frequencies any other help to get these masts thrown out will be of great use.

Already we have got mast installations stopped, sadly many including the Partington 5G mast got through the net, lets do this Trafford!

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