Coronavirus: UK Government changes the stats again

It has only recently been announced that the government changed the statistics reducing the amount of people that had died of Covid-19.

A report in the Guardian says that they have reduced the amount of people testing positive by as much as 1.3m simply because when someone tested positive they had 2 tests counted as one, so the nose and mouth swab tests is counted, this means that say 1000 people get tested the real figure was only 500.

This was no mistake! this helped scare many people in this country, with the fear narrative from the big names in media it helped ruin people’s lives, if you look at a wider picture for a moment the truth was actually before your very eyes of what was going on.

In March when the virus was spreading a government body that deals with infectious diseases dropped Covid-19 as a non-infectious disease, no one from mainstream media logged it!

We started seeing nurses and doctors dancing on wards looking bored (We have never seen this before)

People on the daily press briefings saying after months in lockdown that the Coronavirus is for majority of people is no more than a slight cold or maybe a bit of fever and for the unfortunate few will require hospital treatment.

Boris Johnson has Coronavirus, ends up in a ICU but was never put on oxygen, he was not sick enough so why a ICU for? he should have only been in a normal ward surely?

Chief Medical Officer Jonathon Van Tam says that he does not recommend wearing face masks as seen below:

Social distancing was never proven, we look at the science (as they kept saying) and someone who sneezes the mist can travel way beyond 2 metres.

The lockdown was also not needed, since we know now that the misleading statistics were making this a bigger thing than it really was, even now this is happening and this is where speculation starts since no one knows what is next, what the great plan will be.

Boris though in his own pickle can no longer con the UK public, who have now woken up and now understand that they have been had, whilst understanding that some people did become unwell.

Some people always become unwell during the summer months, some people will die in the summer months, nothing has really changed so we cannot understand the hysteria.

Ultimately we have to be happy now with things as they return back to normality, things are fairly much the same, and more easing of the lockdown is about to be announced.

This winter though might still get messy as government seemingly cannot identify the difference between a normal cold and Covid-19 may give us more headaches unless a vaccine no one will have is found.

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