VJ Day the end of WW2 remembered

As we approach VJ Day here in the UK we remember all those lives that was lost and share memories of that special day when World War 2 had ended.

On 15 August 1945 Japan surrendered which meant the war was almost over, the exact date was on 2 September 1945 when a document was signed.

It is estimated 85 million people perished in WW2 making it the the most deadly conflict in the world, even worse it is estimated up to 28 million deaths was due to war related disease and famine.

In the info-graphic above shows Russia was the country that lost more lives in this war, with China coming second and Poland third.

The UK was in 9th and the US in 10th both losing the same amount of military staff, VJ day though will be more remembered for the surrender and the celebrations once the world got to know about it.

It seems though all was not that great on the west coast if the US where it has been said that a riot broke out, one of the worst San francisco has ever seen, US navy soldiers who did not get to fight ended up with the general public having a great time then all hell broke out according to what we have read.



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