All mobile phone masts taken down from the top of a block of flats in Stretford



Only a month or so ago looking at the top of Stretford flats we could see a gigantic amount of mobile phone masts, all networks and lots of 5G infrastructure.

Looking now we cannot see one mast only a couple of Trafford CCTV flatbed masts are visible and only the scaffolding that the masts were once perched on can be seen.

This is something that has not been seen before and suggests all the equipment on the roof of them flats were made by Huawei.

DSC09129 (1)

What the top of Stretford flats looked like: Pic Darren Marsden

The video below shows you how Stretford flats looked like including information on the soon to be built 5G mast opposite Stretford tip.

The Chinese company has been told to remove its 5G equipment by 2027 and no network can buy any of its equipment by the start of 2021.

We know that on the roof was a lot of 4G cells which is not affected by the ban, this could be the start of something really bad for the industry, we suspected that in retaliation Huawei may pull the plug on all its masts leaving network operators who use Huawei equipment with a gigantic issue.

If proven right network outages will happen and we are not talking about a few hours, we are talking weeks! if Huawei does pull the plug on 4G mast infrastructure it will be then a race to find a substitute and that would be either Ericsson or Nokia, we have heard in the past Samsung may be ready to plug some of the gaps.

It also means the networks like Three who have applications in at Trafford Council including the one at Stamford Brook Road may not get the light of day even if the network gets the approval.

All O2 masts we have been told are Ericsson if this is correct all the 5G masts approved by Trafford Council will go up.

Either way it is highly unusual to see all masts taken down from what was a mega sized cell site in Stretford.

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