Population in Trafford is set to rise significantly over the next couple of years with some very large housing developments being built in the borough.

Lets first look at some housing developments that is being built and what could be built in the near future.


Heath Farm Lane/Broadway – 600 houses and flats – currently being built

Hall Lane – 185 houses and flats being built – currently being built

Warburton Lane housing development – over 600 houses and flats – Appeal date 19 Oct 2020.

Oak Road – 86 new homes to be built YHG – nothing started yet

Land behind Lock Lane – 485 homes to be built – possible problem with a right of way, the development has yet to get underway, also possible issues with drainage.

Land on the old Greyhound pub- 48 homes to be built – work to start imminently

Land on Central Road – 14 flats to go up – work already started.

Land opposite Cross Lane Park and lots of it! has been sold according to Avison Young, this will be to a house builder, the site is so big that easily you could put in another 700 or so homes.


Future Carrington site a huge housing development with storage warehouses and employment opportunities, if you thought it was going to take many years for this to happen, well you are wrong, next year the first houses will be let according to what we have read.

Another smaller housing development was to be built in Carrington although we have no further information as to when or it has already seen the light of day, this one will see 58 new homes being built.


Sale West Estate, a further 280 homes are planned to be built at the western edge of the estate.

Land on where Trafford Courts used to be is to be a housing development if it gets planning approval, we have no idea how many houses are to be built however looking at the size of the place we could guess well over 100.

Old Trafford could see thousands more people in their part of Trafford with housing developments planned on Seymour Grove and on Tennis street, we believe the Tennis Street housing development has already got underway.

Stretford will see a mega sized housing development on Talbot Road, this is taking shape real fast.

Timperley we will see more houses being built including where the Pelican Pub is, the pub has already been sold, we are aware people live in the flats above and they will need to vacate at some point as the property including the Altrincham Lodge will be demolished.

We already know about the new housing developments on Manchester Road in Broadheath that have gone up in recent times and in Altrincham.

Lots more housing developments are going up or are planned in the Urmston area.

So great! the council gets to build all these new shiny new houses, so did they think about where all the cars are going to go? with the schools stretched for places where are all these new kids going to go?

At this time doctors are stretched to the limit, where are all these new people going to get medical care? what about a dentist? and opticians? would they all be able to take on a huge amount of people?

With the big traffic jams, cars stuck in traffic for hours more so at peak times will food and drink start to get delayed for the shops? what about money for the post office? the banks and ATMs.

Parcels will be delayed and food couriers will stop delivering during the evening if things are bad every night.

What if an emergency happened how are Emergency services going to cope? miles of traffic and nowhere to go, only police and ambulance could do anything with helicopters.

These are the facts of what is likely to happen once all these housing developments have been built, it is a reminder of the things to come and to prepare for the worse.

We fear for Partington mostly, we had a resident contact us who was very worried about what is going on, we couldn’t  help her, we tried hard to get your councillors to listen to us, they did nothing, can we blame them though? well yes in a way because they did not represent you.

Ultimately though it is at Planning where things are approved or rejected, the blame game though is negative.

All that can be done now is plan! if Partington residents get together as ‘one group’ and get some people to chair meetings not anyone from PPP, maybe get a few people to help out, chair a meeting once a month.

Get all ideas in a basket and have a voting session as to which direction you are to go, doing nothing is not an option!

Other parts of Trafford will also be stuck, however not as bad as Partington and Warburton who are both going to need that HS2 route just to get in and out of the place.