Aerial footage of the Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington shows how gigantic the place will be

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To get a true picture of the size of the Heath Farm Lane hybrid housing development in Partington we managed to get some amazing footage from a drone (Trafford Crime News)

Even we were shocked at the size of it all, just looking at it from the sky you can see lots of work has already been done and from the ground we could see pipe work being installed.

A sign saying welcome to Heath Farm Lane 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses and apartments coming soon must give residents in Partington a shiver! workers on building sites get the job done and faster than you would think.

If you thought the size of the Heath Farm Lane housing development was gigantic well you have not seen anything yet! wait until 19 October 2020 when the government will probably pass the Warburton Lane hybrid housing development.

The size of that plot is about 2 times bigger than Heath Farm Lane! if it does get the thumbs up we will try to get some footage.


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