Virgin Atlantic 747 star wars livery: Pic Darren Marsden


Tomorrow another Virgin Atlantic 747 is due to take off for the last time before going to the aircraft graveyard.

Manchester Airport are expecting many people to attend tomorrow at around midday 18 August 2020 for the final take off and flight of the queen of the skies.

All Virgin’s jumbo jets are to be retired as are British Airways, we think it is more to do with climate change than about any virus.

A jumbo whilst a delight to see pumps out a lot of pollution into the environment, and they have been doing since they first came on the scene in the 1960’s.

Although an older aircraft many improvements have been made to current 747 aircraft.

It is not all over yet for the queen of the skies, Lufthansa still fly its 747, and many cargo aircraft can and will always be seen normally on 747-800 aircraft which is much longer, some carriers have combi 747 aircraft where a section is for passengers and a much bigger section is for freight.

During one flight of a retiring 747 at Manchester Airport aviation fans got footage of the aircraft doing a final wave also known as a wing wave which you can see in the video below: