Football kits: are they worth the money?

With a new season ahead of us with the fans hoping this useless government can let the them go back into stadiums we take a look at the new range of football kits and decide if they are worth it or not.

Football replica kits are often made in poor countries although of good quality they cost very little to make, yet the football clubs and sportswear firms who make the products make millions every year.

It costs £65 to £70 for an adult replica shirt and around £50 for a junior replica shirt, if you want the real thing, the exact shirt worn by the players you will have to cough up around £100.

For the new season Manchester United have so far released the home and away kits and lots of training wear, the home shirt was announced first, it is of course red although much brighter than last seasons.

The shirt has a patter all over it that looks more like a child had doodled all over it with scribbling tiny yellow, black and white lines, the three white stripes are on the shoulders and of course the Adidas, Manchester United and Chevrolet logos on the front.

Looking at the away kit for United and it is all over charcoal grey colour with some weird pattern all over it, it has a shiny look with three white stripes on the shoulders.

The training kit this year is a bit more expensive although a fairly good range.

Neighbours Manchester City sponsored by Puma have a sky blue shirt with another pattern that looks like a child had designed it, the City away top is all black the logos are in one colour, the front of the shirt has what can only be described as a doormat design.

We await the announcement of the third kits which should be available when the new season kicks off, from what we have seen through various channels United fans are not going to be happy!

Football clubs make the money through kids pestering mum and dad for the latest kits or training wear, due to the hysteria that is Coronavirus money is a little tighter. people have lost jobs but football club continue to fleece the fans.

Even if you do not like the new kits shown just think you could be an Arsenal fan having to look at the away shirt shown below!

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