Petition in Flixton submitted to stop a planned 5G mast from being installed

A large petition form has been submitted to Trafford Council from Flixton residents and the local councillor SImon Thomas to stop a 5G mast from being installed.

They all rightly object to a Three 5G mobile phone mast that will be 20 metres in height on Woodsend Road in Flixton.

As with the 5G mast planned for Stamford Brook Road which has had a mammoth sized amount of objections the engineers have already done some work on the path thinking they will get an approval.

It goes further in that we have found the mast engineers have a date now to start work on the Woodsend Road mast as can be seen on the TFGM road works map.

Whilst we do not agree with Cllr Simon Thomas opinions about the health impacts of humans and animals from 5G it is great to see such support from a local councillor, we suggest to Mr Thomas to read the 2020 updated ICNIRP guidelines not the very confusing and outdated original set of guidelines which offered nothing on 5G frequencies.

We also have added our comments on why it is that mobile networks are only offering the older guidelines in applications when it is and always was irrelevant.

Even with all the petitions, objections and councillor support the 5G masts in question could still get full approval.

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