Coronavirus: Time for the UK to stop being scared and get on with it

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

We are sure now that this virus has all but gone, no one is dying and the stats are all wrong!

It is confirmed that even when people are given a positive for Coronavirus they are not becoming unwell, not even going to the doctors.

We have seen a doctor (view video above) from Birmingham come out on video saying everything we have mentioned so far, and even going on to say that no second wave is likely here in the UK.

Even so the government and authorities want the public to be in fear helped by a money only matters mainstream media.

We are out of a lockdown, all that has passed now, we have everything open, yet why are we so scared? people wearing masks is for us crazy, all it is doing os psychologically damaging society, causing anxiety.

Although we suggest to go with government guidance, you need to also remember you do not have to be wearing masks outside of shops! you do not have to wear masks if exempt and if you bothered to read the back of a packet of masks it will tell you not to be wearing one!

No data or scientist can prove wearing masks work to protect you or anyone else, for some reason this fact seems to have been ignored.

All of us collectively need to take some caution, however not to be so concerned it takes over your life, this virus has all but gone now, no one is dying, hardly anyone in hospitals, it seems the virus that was once a threat is no longer a force it once was.

We have to also look at what the authorities are doing in all this, and of course the police which have a difficult job to do with the staff they have got, often officers are coming to work when they should be on a break they are that stretched.

Councils like Trafford have to go with whatever the government say, like puppets even if they do not agree with what is going on, they cannot be blamed for anything.

The trust in police that has been gained in recent years can easily broken and we will be back at square one if police continue with the heavy handed approach and continuing the fear narrative on social media channels, The chief of police for London has recently said that she fears rioting on a scale we have never seen before could break out at any time.

With this in mind officers do not want to be actively seen to be the fuel pipe to any civil disorder that ultimately will mean they will retreat with the army taking over the streets.

Does all this sound familiar? the US is going through the same problems! another problem with a Tory run UK we will always follow the US, the problem is we are very different and we have laws that date back to when T-Rex was roaming the earth!

We say if the Tories want us to be like the US at least give us the entitlement to be able to protect ourselves if we are assaulted, at this time if you hit an offender he or she could claim assault! I can hear the laughter in the great country that is the United States.

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