Driver has car seized after riding around Trafford in a dangerous way

Police seized a VW Golf car after they got reports that the driver was driving around the south of Trafford like a maniac.

The car was seen on Washway Road and heard again on Brooklands Road by many people on the Bridgewater Canal tow path.

Police have been looking for the Golf car to take it off the road so to avoid anyone from being seriously hurt, they described the driver as thinking the streets of Trafford was like a GTA (grand Theft Auto) game.

The driver aged 29 though must have felt his life had ended after police caught up with the car last night 22 Aug 2020 after it was seen parked up near Manchester City Centre.

Police arranged for the car to be removed under powers of the police reform act (Section 59) and is now in a police compound and no longer a danger to the public.

During a search of the vehicle police found a substantial quantity of drugs and money, the 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply, money laundering, dangerous driving and insurance fraud and properties linked to the male have been searched.

A number of assets have been seized including vehicles linked to the arrested male and an application will be made to the courts to retain these under the proceeds of crime legislation.

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