Three police officers assaulted in two separate incidents in Greater Manchester

Female officer shows her injuries

Three police officers were assaulted yesterday 22 Aug 2020 during two separate incidents in Greater Manchester.

At around 5.30pm police were patrolling around Piccadilly Gardens when an officer was approached by a member of the public reporting two women being aggressive towards another.

A female officer attempted to separate the parties and to prevent any escalation, but one of the women bit the officer on her arm. 

After the woman refused to let go, the officer had to forcibly pull her arm from the woman’s mouth. She was left with a bite injury that required hospital treatment.

A second woman then attempted to prevent the arrest of the first and kicked out at officers.

Both women, both aged 40, were arrested on suspicion of assault of an emergency services worker.

Both remain in custody for questioning.

Later the same evening at around 9.45pm, officers attended a property in Reddish Vale Road following a report that a man was attempting to break in to the address.

After fleeing from attending officers, the man resisted arrest, biting one officer and attempting to strangle a second.

The man, aged 27, was tasered and taken to hospital as a precaution before being arrested on suspicion of two counts of assault on an emergency worker.

Neither officer required hospital treatment.

Assistant Chief Constable for Greater Manchester Police, Nick Bailey, said: “It is saddening to have to reflect upon another weekend where our hard-working officers have been assaulted during the course of their duties.

“These attacks are completely unacceptable and I want to make it clear that we will work to ensure that those responsible feel the full weight of the law.

“The first of these incidents was particularly appalling – an officer badly bitten simply for trying to diffuse an altercation between two others.

“I’m sure every right-thinking member of our communities will join me in condemning these assaults.

“Thankfully, none of the officers involved suffered any lasting, serious injuries and I wish them well as they return to duty.”

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