Police respond to reports of a WW2 bomb being found in the Bridgewater Canal in Stretford

Police have today responded to reports of a WW2 bomb (likely to be an incendiary device) being found in the Bridgewater Canal in Stretford.

WW2 bombs have been found before in the canal and many more await being found, Trafford was hit hard in WW2 more so around Old Trafford and Trafford Park where many places were bombed including of course the home of Manchester United.

It is not fully known how these small bombs that are found actually end up in the canal however many that are discovered are no longer dangerous, in WW2 many smaller bombs were dropped by the Germans.

Manchester was hit hardest just before Christmas 1940 and for two days the German luftwaffe managed to make 8000 people homeless and killed almost 1000 people in the raids of Trafford Park and Stretford, even more in Salford.

(Images GMP)

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