Carrington master plan could benefit Partington

Sunset over Carrington Darren Marsden

We have been told sketchy information tonight that a new transport plan will be put the people of both Carrington and Partington residents soon.

The information will be first given to the residents of Partington and we are also told the Parish Council will also be informed and may help with a planned consultation.

We are all fully aware about the dire need for new roads so to help ease what is likely to be a nightmare situation on an already chocked up highway system, this new plan we have been told will cut out the need for new roads.

Although we could not get any further with the information it was very interesting and we felt it was important residents were told of what was going on behind the scenes.

We think the consultation will be submitted to the council who will then have some ideas of what local people want and how to resolve the problems of both transport and pollution, with that and the saving of Carrington Moss.

It has been announced that a new road will be built from Isherwood Road out towards the top end of Carrington Lane near Sale, for a road to be built it would have to go right through Carrington Moss which we think would be a bad idea.

We will bring you more information on these new plans soon.

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