Date confirmed for a 5G mast to be installed in Partington

Three 5G mast location: Google

The date for a 20 metre 5G mast to be installed in Partington has now been confirmed.

It will mean Chapel Lane will be closed for up to 5 days whilst work is scheduled to be carried out on 7 December 2020.

This mast will be the first of many 5G masts to be installed in the area, another 5G mast has been proposed to be installed on Manchester Road.

We are concerned that many people in Partington and Carrington are unaware of the dangers of 5G frequencies and ask them all to do some research, either way this mast and others will go up in the area due to the lack of local opposition.

No one can claim 5G is safe when not even ICNIRP or World Health Organisation can say for sure they are confident it is safe, no councillor can say it is safe or they have no problem with it when they do not know.

It is too risky! and suggest everyone puts in an objection on the masts that are currently undecided by a council that goes against its own constitution where they have the duty to protect the public from radio frequencies that will do harm.

The council also has to remember cutting down all the trees in the borough so 5G will work is also going against its own constitution and of course makes a mockery of the climate emergency they called at the back end of 2018.