Risk to life: Hurricane Laura to slam into the gulf coast of the US

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An unsurvivable category 4 hurricane will slam into the gulf coast of the US in the early hours.

Texas and Louisiana will be hit first and it is thought the hurricane is set to go miles inland due to its strength, millions of people will have no electricity, if people are sticking it out around the area they will perish.

Waves of over 20 ft are expected this is a very dangerous hurricane and authorities have asked everyone to evacuate.

At this time the winds are 145mph and will bring with it rain like you have never seen it this will add to the flooding of many areas.

If you wish to watch this storm and if the storm chaser continues to cover the event click here https://youtu.be/KP1Ee4F7q-o you will have to wait until around 11.30pm UK time to get any action.

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