The power of Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura: Nullschool

This was a very dangerous hurricane hitting Louisiana at a category 4, the evening though was like any other, some rain fell in a place called Cameron, however nothing much was going on.

After what was an amazing sunset, the darkness spread all around, no one other storm chasers and media was anywhere near, storm chasers lost connection it was then the hurricane made landfall.

We will show you some amazing footage below of reporters bringing the world what Hurricane Laura was like, incredibly brave and kept going despite the dangerous conditions.

It seems the storm surge was not as bad as expected, the hurricane now is heading east at a category 2 and will fizzle out as just gales and rain.

The UK has had some dangerous storms in the past and more could be coming our way! however and fortunately our seas are cold so anything that comes over the Atlantic or elsewhere ends up drained of energy.

If our seas somehow warmed up and that could happen due to climate change we would see many big hurricanes and tornadoes so we can all agree how lucky we are to be living in the UK.

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