Spitfire to fly over Trafford this weekend to thank the NHS

A special visitor will be in the skies over Trafford this weekend as the NHS spitfire tour comes to the North West.

The Spitfire will fly west over Trafford General Hospital this Sunday at around 2.49pm it will then head for Wythenshawe hospital so it is likely to be seen over the Sale area.

To get a good view of the spitfire if you cannot get to Trafford General Hospital you ideally need to be high up or in a wide open space like a park, we think the route will be south west going over the hospital and will go over Sale towards Wythenshawe Hospital.

In the past Walton Park has been a good spot to see warplanes, another good spot is on Timperley bridge just before the Metrolink as you can see for miles around and higher up, Sale Bridge also would be an ideal location.

You will need to have either a very long telephoto lens if using a DSLR or better a bridge camera which can reach huge distances, we suggest anything over 60x optical zoom, ideally the Nikon p900, p950 or p1000

If you are using a mobile phone you will be best getting video footage using if possible 4K using your full zoom you will be able to take screen shots which will come out really good with some editing.

You could get your name written on to the spitfire by donating to NHS charities fund which has so far raised over £62,000 https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/nhsspitfire

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