Brexit: Trafford listed for a huge lorry park in the event the UK goes out of the EU with no deal

The UK Government has drawn up a list of areas where huge lorry parks are to be temporarily built and Trafford is on that list.

It is because if the UK goes out of the EU on a no deal food and medicines will be delayed with monster sized traffic jams at the ports down south, this will also have a knock on effect for normal traffic.

To ease this problem the government has decided to build new lorry parks in several areas, it is not known where in Trafford this lorry park will be built although of course it will need to be nearest the Manchester Ship Canal.

It is likely Trafford Park is prime candidate for the lorry park, the government has the authority to build a lorry park in the chosen areas anywhere they like, although legislation seen means they cannot destroy anything like ancient woodland or grade 2 listed buildings and more.

In a no deal Brexit things will get a bit tricky for a while, food and medicines though will be in good supply and no shops will run out of any food or pharmacy drugs, we will see though more HGV’s on Trafford’s roads which will result in a higher pollution problems.

You can read the entire document by clicking https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/928/schedule/2/made

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