Trafford Council take down weekly planning lists

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It will be Three weeks this Monday that the council has not published the weekly planning lists which has become a popular and very important page on the website,

According to legislation the council has to publish the lists as the public has the right to comment on applications before the council decides to either refuse or approve.

It was thought that the council was either updating the page on the website or was experiencing difficulties, after so long though we decided to contact councillors first of which was Trafford Labour’s Mike Cordingley who told us that he was able to see the lists and then told us to contact the council, next up was Trafford Green Party leader Geraldine Coggins who also said she was able to see the lists.

No one else could so we contacted Rebecca Coley at Trafford who told us: “We have been advised by IT that we are unable to publish the weekly lists on our website anymore as they are in PDF format and there are accessibility issues.”

Legislation says “An application for planning permission must be publicised by the local planning authority to which the application is made in the manner prescribed by this article”

You can read the legislation here https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/595/article/15/made

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