New 5G mast to be installed on Carrington Lane in Sale

Location of the 5G mast on Carrington Lane/Greenbank Road in Sale: Google

A gigantic 18 metre 5G mast could be installed on Carrington Lane at the junction with Greenbank Road in Sale if Trafford planning approves the application.

The ‘Three-UK’ mast will come with 6 antennas and 4 cabinets in a very tight space in a residential area, it will cause big problems for everyone in the area.

Radiation Exposure levels for the occupants of the house next to it will be higher according to past Three 5G mast applications.

House prices will be affected if this mast is installed.

We have one chance to get this stopped and that is for everyone to object, we have got 9 masts stopped here in Trafford, lets make this the 10th, it is important to get councillor support.

To help you fully understand why we do not need 5G we can tell you and everyone else you will not see any real improvements in your internet experiences, the offer of faster downloads is the only real differences, who downloads films though?

Streaming is what people do these days and 4G is good enough to do this! some people have a belief that 5G will make your mobile go faster, this is not true.

The speed of your phone is about the RAM and your chipset, for example a mobile with 2GB RAM would be a dreadful experience, lots of lag and slow, even if its quad or octa core the RAM is the thing that really gives your phone the speed.

We have to also include the refresh rate, 60Hz is good, 120 is amazing! and nothing to do with 5G.

Health issues from 5G is called ‘Radiation sickness’ we need to get 5G stopped because when one mast goes up several others will which is different to 4G, we have to also remember about the second part of the roll out which the networks have hidden, the millimetre wave boxes and antennas will be everywhere.

This is when the power ramps up and will cause health issues and frighten our animals including wildlife, these antennas including a 5G mast pulses out the signal, a MMWave antenna will use a beam, so what you will have is a pile oi beams ‘Beamforming’ in one bit of your area.

It is not rocket science to see now why its so important to get 5G stopped, if we can then it would be one less thing to worry about.

5G also will cause unemployment, the idea behind it is driverless cars, and more surveillance.

Please object now! in subject heading put 102639/TEL/20 and your objection as your message, you can object even if you do not live in this part of Sale.

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