TV licencing

It will cost you a little more for the TV licence this year despite all that has gone on and the huge amount of unemployment the virus has caused.

The rise has not gone down very well however you may not need a licence and you can escape it in a legal way, you pay the licence for live programming and the iPlayer, if you only watch catch up stuff and apps like Netflix you do not need a licence.

If you do not need a licence tell them, the best way is to do it online and tick the boxes, you will get an email soon after telling you they will not be contacting you for two-years.

We all know that no technology exists (And probably never will be) that someone can detect what channel you are watching, so you do the thinking!

BBC have been on the side of the government during the pandemic more than anyone else, some people have called it a state sponsored organisation, however many people also still love the BBC.

We believe the time has come to get the BBC as a subscription based service,this can be done easily, and would probably end up bringing them more money than as of now.