Homebase at Altrincham Retail Park: Google

Lidl’s first application in July 2020 to build a store where Homebase flower centre is at Altrincham Retail Park was refused by a dithering planning committee .

The German retailer has now submitted a much-improved application that deals with some of the minor problems highlighted at a previous planning meeting.

Lidl are committed to the Altair site even though it is obvious Altair will never happen! Lidl revised the egress issues with the help of LHA and TFGM.

Everything else in the first application seemed to be fine with councillors at the planning meeting so the German retailer did not have to change much to the new application and expect this time for this new application to be approved when it is next in line to be looked at sometime this year.

If approved 40 new jobs will be created with Lidl and 50 Jobs saved at Homebase so not only would people benefit from a new LIdl store it would also create and save jobs.

Local people whilst some were concerned about traffic issues and possible noise pollution for those living near Altrincham Retail Park the majority wanted to see a Lidl at the retail Park giving them more choice and of course more jobs for local people.

We are very pleased that Lidl have decided to choose Altrincham Retail Park again and hope for some good news when it is time for the application to be looked at by Trafford planning.