Crossford Bridge Playing Fields: Google

The green space at Crossford Bridge playing fields in Sale will continue to be a green space for a long time after Trafford Council approved a report last night.

A long term contract will be signed with Crossford Bridge Management which will ensure the green space will be protected for decades to come, both Trafford Labour and the Tories approved.

Protection of green spaces is important and people will be delighted with this news.

Although we also give full support to protecting green spaces more so at Crossford Bridge, we have to also look at the lost opportunity that was on offer.

A rugby stadium with all the plans that came with it did look good, upgrades to the athletic track and the football pitch, new entrances, some upgrades to the tow path and cycling infrastructure was on the table and more!

Sports clubs would have benefited from these plans, and more would have come simply because of the stadium, these are the good things that it would have created, it would have boosted the economy in Sale and of course bringing back a big time rugby team was an exciting prospect.


This has been lost! of course so would have been that bit of green space and people wanted that more and the council listened like they did at Turn Moss which was without doubt one of the best protests we have ever attended.

Green spaces are needed, however so are the trees which under the current administration has chopped down thousands of them so 5G will work better and for the council to claim in-directly they are a green council is way of the mark, we watched the meeting and saw the leader of the council giving the Tories a red ear! however much green belt they save one thing he did not say anything about is all the green belt lost in Partington and lots more in Sale West soon!

Green belt and precious spaces are used by dog walkers, hikers and cyclists used the land next to the Manchester Ship Canal in Partington, all of that is now going to be a mega sized housing development, two things in one right there! green space the leader claims to protect and rants on at how much green belt he and his group has saved.

Coming this year we expect consultations to happen for a possible housing development on land opposite Cross Lane Park, green belt land!

Building houses is the plan, how much brown field is around in Trafford after Carrington has been developed? not much more we can safely say, common sense then should tell you the council will build on green belt and much of this will also eat up other green spaces.

As of now though the people of Sale who use Crossford Bridge playing fields can sit happy for they have won the day and well done to them.