Archaeologists doing work on a housing development in Partington have reported that after assessment of an area near the Manchester Ship Canal it has the potential for human remains to be found.

Mersey Farm that has been long pulled down is situated where travellers used to live at the end of Hal Lane, the assessment also confirms the possibility of remains being buried even earlier before the farm was built.

A full scan of the farm and other techniques to detect human remains will be done soon and if anything is found workmen will stop work and follow the protocol.

Experts say the chances of finding anything of historical interest in this part of Partington are slim due to the widening of the Manchester Ship Canal and other movements which would have disturbed anything of historic value, however we know about a couple of items found which was a Neolithic stone axe and a perforated stone hammer in the 1930’s.

The housing development on the sides of the Manchester Ship Canal ( Green belt land) will see over 400 houses built in an area with shop and medical infrastructure more suited for around 5000 people not over 12,000 people.