Workmen finished earlier than expected today.

Traffic was bad for most of the day in Trafford as United Utilities were working around the Woodcote Road and Park Road area of West Timperley.

The traffic was backed up on all major routes including Washway Road, Park Road, Manchester Road, we are told Altrincham was bad, minor roads were also backed up for a time around the A56 in Sale.

We checked what was going on and nothing was going on! workmen was not present anywhere, with only a small square where workmen had been working, they even re-painted the new tarmac.

Whoever is in charge of the traffic lights and cones were being blamed for the chaos, however work was due to finish tomorrow (28 March 21) it will be likely those in charge of cone and temporary lights did not get a call from United Utilities that work had finished.

As it began to get dark traffic levels had returned to normal,

Looking on GM Roadworks, United Utilities had planned work for one day, so we expect all cones and temporary lights to have been collected unless more work is needed to be done.