When we got messages that some work is going on at the back of Sale West we had to check it out, once we got to the scene on Sunday we saw a fair amount of what looked like rubberised covers in a large square surrounded by red and white tape.

On one path further up from where the fence is at the back of Woodhouse Lane a much larger path had been created with a red car blocking the way, that same car was still in place a couple of hours later, we are not sure why it was in the place it was.

Today 29 March we sent out a reporter to investigate further to establish what is going on and nothing was going on, the metallic covers was also gone, however now there is a huge path created which may encourage people to park a car on the grass.

Checking further we do know that over 250 houses are going to be developed on this land with a new road created, could this be the reason? well, we have asked that question and awaiting a reply, for this time though we can add it to a list of possibilities.

If it was for housing then why only build the square and stopping halfway towards the mobile phone mast? Then to tape it off? could this be something more sinister? we checked the mast out which is owned by EE and noticed lots of trees have been cut down around it, however, we have pictures before of the mast and the trees had already been cut back.

Nothing was dug up and we can tell you their was no real need to add the rubberised covers which we believe was either for a vehicle or possibly a digger, or a tractor.

Video of woodland cut back in Partington

CCTV warning signs next to work done on woodland off Chapel Lane

It is a mystery and many people contacted us about what was going on and we will get to the bottom of it, on Sunday we also checked out an area off Chapel Lane in Partington that has been woodland for as long as we can remember, however at the weekend this was no longer the case.

We estimate over 5 acres has been cut back, it might be nothing, however why cut back so much land for nothing with yellow CCTV logos on trees in the same area? we know that part of Chapel Lane is a fly tip hotspot so the CCTV warning signage might be a council thing and unrelated to the cutting back of the woodland, however we have never seen CCTV warning signage in that location.

Fly tip hotspot just off Chapel Lane in Partington

We are also checking what is going on in Partington, it would not surprise us more houses are being prepared to be built on green belt land something Trafford Labour leader claimed with the red flag flying high that they are a green council and they will save the green belt! now with much egg on his face, not to mention all the trees that have been chopped down! many healthy trees! and still, they get chopped down or cut back.