Food hygiene score drops at a takeaway in Partington

Charcoal Grill Fish Bar: Google

Due to the pandemic food hygiene inspectors from Trafford Council stopped working, since the easing of restrictions they have been hard at work in the borough again.

The biggest fall in hygiene ratings so far has been at a popular takeaway in Partington called Charcoal Grill Fish Bar on Smithy Lane, inspectors dropped them from a satisfactory 3 rating to a number 1.

Normally a drop like this is not good and at this time we do not yet have the inspectors report as to what the reason was for the drop in hygiene ratings, we have asked for the report and will do another more in-depth article.


Other takeaways have been newly rated, Dragon City on Washway Road in Sale stays at rating 3, Crispy Bites on the Sale West Estate also has a 3 rating, we are awaiting the outcome of Coppice Fish Bar in Sale who should also remain as a 3 rating.

Food hygiene is very important, people have died because of poor hygiene or have become very unwell, in recent times a kebab shop in Partington was given a 0 (Zero) rating and the report was so disgusting it almost made us throw up! gladly the same establishment got itself together and a new rating of 2 was given.

As for Charcoal Grill Fish Bar we have no idea what has gone wrong and we know they offer some amazing meals, we know from experience though a simple but vital thing like checking temperatures and writing it down in a log can give you a bad rating in that case it would be safe to eat from any takeaway.

We will have a full report on why the poor rating as soon as the council offers us the inspectors report.

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