Partington Green Belt under threat: Google Maps

The green belt in Partington is already being churned up and more of it is seriously under threat as brownfield land is swallowed up.

Let us look at the reality, any Trafford councillor who claims the green belt or green spaces are being protected is not being honest, we would say at the side of Manchester Ship Canal behind Lock Lane is a huge amount of green space and this should have been protected!

land on Broadway although was woodland was a green space and was home to a lot of wildlife, all that that area needed was a clean up

We are fully aware of land that has been bought on the opposite side of Cross Lane Park is we have been told going to be another housing development, some 5.5 acres of the green belt is under threat.

We know about a compulsory purchase order on a farm in the area, with the owner telling us that the council wants to build more houses and a car park.

The truth is with Trafford Labour and the Tories wanting to build more houses it will be all on green belt land, we have seen all brownfield spaces left in Trafford and it’s all been snapped up, although some remains in Carrington.

We also understand the need for housing in Trafford, however, no matter what is said by political people if no brownfield is left and their top priority is to build, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out our green belt is all that is left and so the decision will be made and once our green belt has gone, it’s gone forever

Trafford Labour did manage to secure a golf course in Flixton however we can see a Tory style U-Turn coming up as building on Partington’s green belt will be met with severe opposition.