Boris Johnson

PM Boris Johnson today set out to tell the country he and his party are levelling up the country, giving back things to run down communities and more

In the live broadcast and for around 20 minutes no one could understand what he was going on about, then just before half time he comes out with what he plans to do.

The very first thing was crime and disorder, he boasted about how great it was that we are on top of the county lines drugs gangs and declaring they are putting rings of steel around towns that are plagued with these gangs which he believes will drive them out.

Johnson spoke about the 20,000 new police officers again, wasn’t it his party that git rid of many thousands of officers along with police stations? Manchester has seen some new officers to his credit which in reality means Trafford would get one or two.

We have all seen big problems with our young people, if Boris wants to level up why not bring back the youth centres! bring back a Sure Start in all the areas where it once operated.

Trafford’s mental health services are surviving by a bit of string these days due to many factors, of course one of them is the virus, still the same the Tories got rid of one of the most important services for anyone with mental health issues and that was Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service.

What was so important about the service that once used to operate from Park House in Sale was any issues with an individuals care plan would be put right, any issues with debts would be sorted out, they even took people to appointments and helped with benefits.

The care they gave to people was outstanding, although they could not give any therapeutic help, just being there was to service users was the same thing, that has been missing in people’s lives cruelly taken by politicians that does not understand ethics.

Building houses is important more so here in Trafford, however it has to be done so no existing residents will be impacted by a mega sized housing development, it seems this simple bit of common sense did not apply in Partington and we can count Labour in on this one.

Lib Dems leader ED Davy suggested Boris was talking drivel and was making it up as he went along, whatever is said Boris is the PM of this country and he must prove to all of us that he is going to brush off all the doubters and prove he is a good leader and one that knows what he is saying and does not lie!