Pic by Darren Marsden

The weather today is great for everyone however the high temperatures and very high UV levels with very high pollen counts will make things a bit tricky for some people.

You can though go out and enjoy the weather so long as you use some common sense by making sure you have a very high factor sun cream, if you have UV protective clothing wear these for added protection and if you have hay fever take your medication and you may have to bring them with you.

Make sure you are hydrated so bring lots of drinks with you, if cycling bring two bottles and some spare cash just in case you need more.

Runners will need to slow down a little today, it might be best to go for your run a bit later on in the day when it cools off a bit, remember to drink plenty of fluids.

We have reports today of dog walkers going out to the parks, this is not good for the animal, the ground will be very hot and could do some damage to the paws, although the flyers are out about leaving dogs in hot cars and vans even with the window down we think it should include dog walkers walking the dogs on hot surfaces such as pavements on days like this.

Anyone with lung problems should stay in the garden under some cover or stay inside in a cool environment until its cooled down and you can then go out and do what you need to.

This is a real nice day for getting out and about and for everyone to enjoy this warm spell just using a bit of common sense could be the very thing that makes it a better one.