Virgin Media is to close down its Virgin Mobile Pay and Go services after the firm declares a huge drop in numbers using the Pay and Go service.

Customers are already being notified about the changes and are telling people from October 2021 to early 2022 Pay and Go sims will be slowly phased out.


To avoid any issues you can either bring your number to a pay monthly deal or get a PAC (Port code) to take to another network which is very easy to do and will be done fairly quickly.

Virgin Mobile saw a 75% reduction in active Pay and Go use and so decided to end the services, even so they have well over 100,000 Pay and Go users and some tech people are calling the move a bit harsh.

In recent times Virgin Media linked up with O2 and it might be many customers will opt to go with O2 Pay and Go although the plans are different so if you do choose O2 have a look around, Giff Gaff who uses the O2 network and is now much more stable offers people very good value for money.