Diagram of all the trees coming down at one property in Altrncham

We have reported previously about many trees being felled in the Altrincham area and today we have seen an application that will see over 10 trees being felled on one road.

Trafford tree unit have been very busy since the inclusion of the 5th generation of mobile phone networks, some of these trees need to come down though due to them being diseased or even dead.

We have done our own research and found many trees being cut down all over Trafford are healthy, we previously spoken to a tree cutter and he could not tell us why they were all being felled however he did mention about all the pollution found on the leaves, the individual who did not want to be named told us that he found on a regular basis leaves on trees around Trafford full of black liquid he said was pollution.

Trees give us oxygen and also helps clean up the air, known widely as “The lungs of the Earth” Trees are even more important to us now more than ever, the Trafford Council leader once said in a live meeting that “The poor air quality in Greater Manchester is killing people” and yet does nothing to stop the death of many healthy trees.

We alerted a while back to Trafford Green Party councillors about the tree felling, and they have done nothing, we do not want to be pointing fingers here however The Green Party we believe is all about the environment, to protect wildlife and so on, it seems they have lost touch with those values.

The inclusion of 5G is we feel the only reason for the tree cull, you see specialists from a mobile network will map out where they want the signal to go, 5G uses a focused beam so any trees or huge bushes will stop this beam so they will show the council a diagram of the signal and any trees or shrubs need to be cut down or cut back.

This is how it works!, sometimes like we said need to be pulled down for safety reasons, the trees we are talking about are healthy.

So it is not good chopping down all these trees and putting in new ones after to make people feel good, many do not understand that for it to make any difference to the air it would take 35-years.

5G will help the council make a load of money and it is expected although not proven some incentives will be flying around for the councillors, it reaally is money or your life here in Trafford and it for the people that elect the politicians to have a say on what is going on with our environment and not put it under the carpet like many things these days.