The hits of the 80’s

A debate about the 80’s continued for most of the night on a social media platform and so we decided to give you our verdict on what was the greatest decade in living memory.

A decade that helped pop stars become more glitzy than Premier League footballers, and children’s and adults TV programmes that were so good they have never been beaten.

We start with music the era of New Wave, the big hairstyles and was fashionable for some male pop singers to dress like women, no hate for anyone in that decade, everyone was accepted.

The top 40 on a Sunday evening was listened to by millions of people, every 7 inch record bought counted towards the chart so for many it was helping your favourite pop star or band to get to number one or higher up the chart.

Bands like Duran Duran, wham!, Human League, Culture Club, Kajagoogoo, and Thompson Twins along with solo pop stars like Paul Young, Howard Jones, Nik kershaw, Madonna and many others kept everything interesting, this music was timeless.

You can listen to all the 80;s songs by buying a ‘Now that’s what I call music’ album

Radio was a big thing back in them days, with Timmy Mallett playing all the latest songs to mostly young people, what a great DJ this man was, he connected to the listener and played the right music and made people laugh, the battle of the bands just before 10pm was class.

It was more than just music though, TV programmes for young people like Grange Hill, Danger Mouse, Jossies Giants, Rentaghost and Worzel Gummidge, Rainbow and game shows were along with all the others one offs, just pure entertainment

It has been said Playschool which came on at around 1pm was the reason for many school kids wagging it! Mr Ben was another addictive cartoon which sometimes came on after Play School, Magic Bus was something kids loved to watch with the intro being almost hypnotic,

It was not just a decade for the kids, lots of more grown up programmes were made, Hammer House of Horror, Tales from the Crypt, Love Boat, Chips, Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, and some great films were also made in that decade.

In the 80;s they had no mobile phones and the air was free from Electromagnetic frequencies unlike today! back in them days schools had corporal punishment where naughty children would get either the cane across the hand or a teacher would get a slipper and whack it on your backside.

Trafford had some well attended carnivals back then and all came out to enjoy the fun, Longford Park carnival that started in Old Trafford was something everyone looked forward to and it was indeed a special event one that will live forever in the memories of those who was on the many floats that came past playing loud music.

A fun fair was always in Longford Park for the weekend although it was nothing to get carried away with and the pricing even for back then was a little too steep for many, people will remember the mega sized tractor marks on the grass after the fun fair had left.

The 80’s was a special decade for the first class entertainment that is still to this very day unrivalled and TV programming that was so good nothing has been seen to better any programme made.