Globally emerging Reggae and Pop Music Artist, Dejour Gardner has proudly announced that he is all set to perform at the Caribbean Rocks Music Festival in Manchester.

This will be an amazing music festival and will take place on Saturday July 24th, 2021, from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm at the Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester.

Tickets for this festival are now available online and the ticket sale closes on 22 July at 8:01 pm.

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, the real name of Dejour is Fabian Gardner, but he is popularly known in the entertainment industry as Dejour Gardner. Moreover, the award-winning artist finds inspiration in raw music, its healing power and uses his music to bring about a sense of well being to the next generation of music fans worldwide.

“I am really excited to perform for the fans at the UK’s Caribbean Rocks Music Festival. I know my fans are thrill to see me right now.” said Dejour Gardner, while talking about the upcoming music festival in Manchester.

“The fact that I am from Jamaica makes this performance more special for me, and I am looking forward to see my fans on July 24 in Manchester.”

In addition, the latest releases of the Reggae and Pop artist for 2021 are MullahSexy 19 Remix, and Silhouette. The artist believes that his music says a lot about him, and he can express himself to the world through his music.

Currently, the music artist is promoting his newest singles titled “Dream“, “Escape“, “Sexy 19“, and several others. Dejour is getting a global recognition with an increasing fan following worldwide that also reflects on his overwhelming social media presence.

All his songs are currently streaming on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify and have crossed more than a million views.

“I feel proud to represent Jamaica on big stages. My music is real you know, my music is reality, and everything that I sing, people can relate to it.” said Dejour, while talking about his music in a recent interview. “My music is like a soul for the Reggae Caribbean feel, and if you love music, you will love me.

I tend to get to the point, and this makes everything spicy.” He added. This is the first-ever full-scale Caribbean music festival, and it is the UK’s biggest ever celebration of Caribbean culture.

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