Police were notified by our photographer about pictures he had taken whilst out and about doing some photography on Bridgewater Canal tow path in Sale.

He got an image of a skull which was located in a cavity at the bottom of the tow path nearest Brooklands Metrolink station, having verified this as a skull he sent it to police.

Police rightly took this seriously and contacted our photographer who helped detectives with the search for the skull, both detectives agreed it is a skull and told him they will be sending in a specialist team to have a look.

The skull appears to be that of a child, however it has unusual features, the eye sockets look more like a cat and the jaw line and nose is that of a human.

Without any doubts this is a skull and we will further update this article when detectives contact our photographer on who the remains belong to, we had a suggestion the skull could have been in that cavity for a very long time, it really is a mystery this one.