The Turn Moss group spoke with a man called Seth Rimmington who is a Kite flyer and put the group in touch with the Northern Kite Group, regular meetings took place and things such as logistics were spoken about.

Due to lockdown the football season was extended to the end of June so the Turn Moss Group had to look at July as the month to hold the festival. They also had to work around the Gaelic Football schedule. Eventually the date of 18 July was chosen.

Agreement was reached that there would be a professional display of kite flying by Seth and the Northern Kite Group, there would be an area put aside for the general public to fly their kites so they didn’t interfere with the professional kites. Most importantly, it was agreed there would be a kite building workshop for children.

To ensure the workshop was safe for the children, all parts of a sled kite were cut out beforehand ready for assembly on the day. Over 100 were prepared!

Approval was obtained from Events Trafford to host the Festival so it were full steam ahead! the group had 2 weeks to finalise everything and with some help with the elements.

The day arrived, perfect weather for families to be out and about, a sunny day with a gentle breeze which promised to raise its speed slightly towards lunchtime.

The professional flyers arrived an hour before the start time as they had to drive onto the fields to set up their arena to ensure the public didn’t get too close from a safety point of view. The kites were so big they had to be attached to back bumpers to ensure stability.

The fields were beginning to buzz with anticipation. People began appearing, children started coming to the workshop – the group were suddenly very busy.

At approximately 12 pm midday the first kite was in the air it was a huge stingray, then more were launched, the breeze dropped and they were down again.

Suddenly, the sky was awash with kites and colour again, this time they stayed in the air as the breeze decided to stay around for the rest of the day.

What a spectacle it was to behold. Everyone was excited, photos and videos were being taken and there was such a fantastic party atmosphere.

People had brought picnics and BBQ’s – everyone was having a great time. Children were running about with the kites they had built, so much laughter and excitement. many extra kites had to cut out as this was such a popular part of the event, with so many children around a team of 4 people were permanently on the workshop tables to satisfy orders.

Then the Octopus family of 4 was launched, tentacles hung down from the sky. Next the huge Gecko was launched – he moved with the breeze making it look like he was walking in the air. Last but not least gasps were heard when Oscar, the 64’ teddy bear was finally launched.

All too soon 4 pm arrived and it was time to dismantle the kites and close the display. A lot of people began to leave the fields – they were so happy with the way the day had gone.

The kite flyers all said they had really enjoyed their day and how lovely the “locals” were as they were thanked for flying their kites and making it such a great day for everyone. Flyers came from Staffordshire, Cumbria and Derbyshire as well as local flyers.

One attraction which fascinated everyone was a small teddy bear on a small seat flying his own kite, his arms moved in time with the kite. Adults and children alike were attracted to this spectacle. He was much photographed.

This event was such a resounding success it will be an annual event on the Turn Moss and Northern Kite Group calendar. Thanks to Trafford Leisure and the Northern Kite Group for their support and advice along the way.

Photos and videos started appearing on the Friends of Turn Moss Facebook page, along with messages of thanks for such a great family day out.