Illustration of how the 5G mast would look on Harboro Way in Sale

MP Sir Graham Brady has at the last minute objected to a 5G mast that has been proposed to be built on Harboro Way in Sale, this is his second objection to a 5G mast in Trafford.

Councillors have also added objections in recent days, in total 64 objections were sent to Trafford Planning many of which mentioned health as a number one fear alongside the usual things such as how ugly a 5G mast is.


The objection from Mr Brady though is what matters where he believes the proposed mast does not comply with the guidance set out in the Trafford Local Plan, Core strategy sections L.1(Design Quality) L7.3 (Protecting Amenity) and R5.1 (Open space sport and recreation)

It was noted Sir Graham did get the height of this current mast wrong in his objections.

He believes that Three have not checked other parts of Sale for example on Washway Road or some other place where it will also be objected to.

Graham’s last objection claiming Three have a very ow number of users and poor signal won’t be looked at since no one has the figures of how many users Three has although it is agreed Three has a very poor signal in Trafford and agree that they would be best concentrating efforts to improve the 4G signal.

A petition has also been included on the application which has now closed to anymore objections.

Previously a 20 metre mast was refused at the same location on Harboro Way, it is thought Three-UK mast planners decided to reduce the height of the current proposed mast which may have helped ease the objections, this turned out to be wrong.

Since the MP has now objected with the above reasons, surely those reasons will apply for all masts?

One thing is for sure though and those that objected for whatever reason has sent a loud message to the Three network and that is “Not to bother trying to plant your monopoles in our back yard we don’t want or need 5G.”