The past year has been an unprecedented time for all, and in particular Schools that have been navigating through the pandemic and ensuring that students are able to continue and maintain a high standard of education during very challenging and uncertain times.

Teachers have had to adapt, learn new ways of teaching, and find ways to engage, motivate, inspire, and impart education to so many different age groups and abilities from a distance. Even with schools now open, we observe the continued effort of teachers and school staff to ensure the safety of all during the ongoing pandemic, whilst ensuring the highest opportunity to learn.


Activity Centres (Shakhas) of HSS (UK) throughout the country, took the initiative to organise a celebration known as Shikshak Vandan Divas, translated as “Teacher Appreciation Day” to show the utmost praise and gratitude for the incredible and heroic efforts of teachers, especially during this last year.

Over 15 events from Cheltenham to Leeds organised virtual events inviting teachers from local schools and engaging over 500 students to show their respect and appreciation.

In The Sale area of Trafford Ganga Shakha/Balagokulam organised their event on 5th July 2021 attended by teachers from various schools in Trafford.

The event was held for an hour between 7pm –8pm online due to Covid-19 restrictions. The event included recitation of Sanskrit Slokas from Hindu scriptures by the children, Yoga, fun quiz, and the insight into Guru (Teacher)/Shishya (Student) relationship in Hindu culture.

A video with gratitude and thanks from 40+ students in various schools in Trafford was played at the event and many children presented their teachers with Cards and expressed their gratitude which was well accepted by all the teachers who attended the event.

The following teachers attended this event. Mrs Rodgers (Culcheth Primary School), Smt. Sonia (VOICE Manchester), Mr. Hammond (Springfield Primary School), Mrs Walton (Broomwood Primary School), Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Darlaston & Mrs. Flemingham (Brooklands Primary School), Ms. Esa & Mrs. Christie (Stamford Park Infant School), Mrs. Bainton & Ms. Bean (Broadheath Primary School)

The following were some of the feedback that was received from the teachers who attended the event “It was an incredibly humbling experience to be appreciated for all that Teachers do, and especially over this more challenging last year. We were given a royal welcome, as appreciation was shown by all in the most heart-warming way.”

“The event was fun and informative, hosting several presentations where participating students showcased the wonderful activities, they do at the HSS (UK) SALE Ganga Shakha every week.”

“Thank you very much for inviting me to the Shikshak Vandan Divas. I had a wonderful time, and it was such a positive and uplifting event.”

“It was truly amazing to see this value so deeply engrained in all those attending the HSS (UK) SALE Ganga Shakha.”

“I would like to extend our sincere thanks to HSS (UK) SALE Ganga Shakha Name for organising such a wonderful event and for inviting me to be honoured alongside so many other wonderful teachers from the area.”

”I had an enjoyable time this evening. Your kind words have made me smile inside and out. You presented yourself so well, you have grown up so much this year. We are all very proud of you.”

“Much impressed by the children presenting themselves so confidently, looking forward for more such events.”

Sharada Kamble a lead volunteer at HSS (UK) Sale Ganga Shakha, explained “the Sanskrit word ‘Guru’ implies one who chases away darkness and as such for Hindus the Guru is revered as a spiritual guide to shine a path to enlightenment.

The teachers, in Sanskrit known as “Shikshaks”, play a crucial role to lead the way, direct us towards this path, and most importantly awaken the discerning disciple to develop the awareness to differentiate between right and wrong, contribute positively, and develop a thirst to learn more.

Teachers are role models for children as they grow and develop, and through their continued support to educate, guide and nurture students we develop the next generation of upstanding citizens and role models.

People owe a lot to our teachers for playing such an important part in our development and learning, hence the offering of respect to teachers is an important value for all Hindus.

We applaud all teachers, staff and key workers for their continued support and efforts.