Oak Road Partington

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It does not get any better for Partington residents as yet another 5G mast from the Three network is proposed to be built on Oak Road.

We knew about the mast a while back when they looked at the viability of the location, it took some time and with some surprise the application is now up on the Trafford Planning lists.

Diagram of how the mast will look

The 18 metre mast is located very close to a playground and school, from the application read it seems the school was not informed.

It is no coincidence that the majority of these masts are built near a playground or school, haven investigated we know that children’s skin is more permeable than that of an adult, with 5G currently at around 3.8GHz the beams will go through a child, no information anywhere can be found about what the levels of radiation are around the gigantic cabinets.

ICNIRP guidelines do not offer any safety information, sadly Public Health England will refer back to them because they don’t know anything about 5G, World Health Organisation does not know although they have done some studies and confirming EMF’s are probably carcinogenic.


Our council cannot refuse a 5G mast on health grounds! which is why for every refusal it has always been how ugly or how tall a mast is or the cabinets are too big and block the pavement, we find this frustrating, the health and well being of residents must come before anything else and with 5G its not even thought about.

Trafford councillors must look at themselves now after a statement from a unnamed Partington ward councillor: “Having spent some time in consideration on this and on hearing concerns from residents, I wish to make
my objection to the siting of this mast opposite Oak Road Park and playing fields known.

“I feel that it is entirely the wrong positioning for a mast that causes such controversy in regards concerns
for health implications, and in spite of it being stated that ‘applications cannot be refused on the grounds
of impact to health’ this is a HUGE concern among Partington residents and must be taken on board.

“It is unfair to expect our community to simply accept this without robust communication. We have a
mast in place at Chapel Lane and a proposal for another at Manchester Road.

“Partington and Carrington is at the centre of much development and disruption to road users at present
with ongoing roadworks to support new developments,

“I am very concerned that the installation of masts in the proposed sites will cause further issues for already fed up residents.
Please note my objection to this”

This statement provides a deep concern over the health of the people of Partington and goes further to show other councillors who have so far been in our eyes irresponsible and shown a lack of care for the people that elected them in the first place, it proves with the comments in recent times from Partington Parish Council that those that do not believe 5G is harmful now can hang their heads in some shame.

We have been on to this from day one! and we are not leaving this, Trafford Council once told us that the borough will not have or be having any 5G installations! they lied to all of us! Trafford Green Party councillors letting many powerful 5G antennas right next to the new hospital is shocking.

Partington residents have another 5G mast that could get approval this week at the shopping centre, this one was objected to by the Parish Council and a number of residents, to keep up to date and informed about all masts in Trafford join the Facebook group “Trafford residents against 5G”