We have seen in the past many reports and photos of some of the biggest fly tips Trafford has ever seen and sadly the problems continue.

In recent times fly tip incidents have risen, things had got so bad in the Partington area the council installed CCTV in operation signs which worked to stop the fly tipping on Chapel Lane, the only problem was people would fly tip elsewhere and has happened in a big dirty way.

Huge fly tips at the back of Heath Farm Lane in Partington was reported to us, to get to the site you would need to go through the cycle barriers and on to a shale path, the first fly tip was small, the second seen only yards away was about the same amount, it was just around a bend on that same bit of path we saw basically the contents of a house!

More fly tips were seen going out of Partington, we saw a couch and chair, rubbish was seen and some other household items on a bend just before coming to a very small bridge on Covershaw Lane, this was also reported.

More fly tipping has been seen around Trafford looking at all the reports on the council’s website, we do not know who is doing this fly tipping, the only thing that the council can do is install more cameras in known hotspots and more CCTV warning signs need to go up.

In Trafford we have two huge tips, where you can dump 2 tonnes of household rubbish for free, you can even come in a van, so we cannot understand why people would rather go to the length they did at the back of Heath Farm Lane in Partington to dump the rubbish when it would have been easier to have gone to the tip which is no more than a mile down the road.

Lets keep Trafford clean, we want to show people coming from another area how clean we are, how much pride we take in caring for where we live and helping to feel good and become more healthy as a result.