A large lightning strike is thought to be the cause of a fire that broke out at Trafford General Hospital during s lengthy storm this afternoon.

At the scene fire fighters could be seen with hose reels on the roof trying to put the fire out, Moorside Road was later closed off by police as firefighters tackled the blaze.

We can confirm all patients and staff was evacuated and no one was injured.

The strike was one in a million although it proves although great to get footage of lightning is incredibly dangerous, over 2000 people worldwide die after being struck by lightning some of them were in the home!

Firemen have now put the blaze out although they are hanging around just to make sure everything is out.

The damage to the hospital is extensive and will take a while to rebuild again, patients will now have to use Altrincham General Hospital for minor injuries.

The aftermath of the fire caused by a lightning strike shows how devastating it was, this will take sometime to clear and rebuild.

This could have been much worse but for the bravery of the staff to make sure everyone was safe, they had little time to get a plan together and get everyone out safely as fire took hold.