Partington a village soon to be a small city! image Google

‘Places for Everyone’ the new name you may have heard about, a plan for Greater Manchester and for here in Trafford.

What it means is our green belt the Labour run council says it wants to keep will be lost forever, the only place they have left to destroy is in Partington and a some land in Timperley where green belt is slowly being chewed up.

We all know about the current housing developments in Partington, we know about the chaotic scenes that is just around the corner for fed up Partington residents, whilst looking at documents suggesting much needed infrastructure will be built is actually promising however as ever the devil is in the detail.

Lets start with roads, Partington councillor James Wright is correct in his statements during a council meeting about how bad Manchester Road is and the dire need for new roads, however any new road will come in 2040 or even later than this, any new roads will also need to go through planning.

All the new houses and flats are expected to be built within the next couple of years giving Partington itself an estimated 4000 boost to its 9000 population, so Partington will have to suffer around 25 years of chaos before anything happens? this will also include the infrastructure like a new medical facility and more shops, again these will all have to go through planning.

Whilst we are writing this article plans are underway for more housing developments in Partington, we expect another mega sized housing development to be proposed on land opposite Cross Lane Park, another mega sized plot of land has just been cleared on the other side of the park .

The new name for the GMSF also identifies land of Warburton Lane which has been allocated for a developer.

Pollution will become worse in Partington, one thing the council does not get is that if you build more houses you will create more pollution since almost everyone has a car, it could be that they hope that people will use transport or bikes to get around!

We think its a good plan to get more bums on bikes this is morally correct, its good for your health and makes you feel better, however in real world settings and looking at Partington many have cars and will be unwilling to give them up and right they would be since they pay a fortune for the cost of running them.

No incentives will work in getting people out of the car no matter where they are, it is not going to happen!

The abandoned rail line which the MP Kate Green tried to get funding to bring it back as a rail line failed and documents seen will mean it is to be used as a sustainable transport corridor, a proposal for the route to be for buses and maybe bikes although the rail line is not very wide.

A proposal is not set in stone so even this could end up flat on its face.

It is all messy and existing residents are understandably confused and worried about the future of the village, one thing we can say is this council has thrown Partington a huge anchor which will slowly sink it further into the abyss.

We have not forgotten Carrington in all of this! ripping up the Carrington Moss and the peat bog is in our eyes environmentally criminal, from a council who called a climate emergency! cutting down all our healthy trees so 5G will work building homes for families to live in but no schools for the kids to learn from.

Whilst the councillors before the start of the council meeting last night could be heard chattering away like school kids, its these very people who are making decisions that will be life changing for thousands of people, a responsible job it is and sometimes we feel they forget this.

Timperley Wedge is another area of green belt that will be swallowed up despite consultations, we do have a dire need for homes in Trafford, however much of these new homes will not be affordable and of little use to existing people who have been waiting for years to get a move.

In 2019 Trafford had an 8-year waiting list for people who need to be re housed or people who didn’t have anywhere to live, with housing associations not building any new houses or converting them they are also struggling which means if you have bad neighbours trying to move out is very difficult.

We think though the amount of houses being built in Carrington and Partington including all the new houses and converted office blocks in Old Trafford will give the borough enough accommodation to ease the pressure a fair bit so to reduce the need of ripping up our green belt.

Stretford will soon see houses being built on Lacey Street, a huge housing development has gone up near Talbot Road in Stretford.

More homes are being built in Altrincham and more converted offices are being worked on in Sale, work should start soon where the Trafford Courthouse once used to stand meaning more houses will be built.

Do we need anymore houses?