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MP’s have tonight voted on several things this evening which could cause more problems than they solve, So here is a guide of what was approved:

  • Mandatory mask wearing: 441 for and 41 against
  • Allowing fully vaccinated people to come into contact with those who have the Omicron variant
  • Covid Passes or Passports: 369 for and 126 against (101 Tory back benchers)
  • NHS front line staff need to be fully vaccinated before april with 385 for and 100 against

It was a bad night for Boris Johnson with many of his own team going against him which could turn out to be the end of his time as the Prime Minister.


Despite the gloom we did see some positive changes, people will no longer have to self isolate if you are fully vaccinated which is almost everyone, with only an estimated 5 million saying they don’t want it, we think many in the NHS have already had the vaccines.

Self Isolation was the big problem over last year and left firms short of staff this will no longer be a problem and so people can keep working as normal so long as they are vaccinated.

The Covid Passes or passports was the big one, and sadly it passed which means you will need a QR code or papers to get into an event such as a football match or concert however you can escape this by showing a negative lateral flow test.

Tonight though we have to thank all of the Tory MP’s who voted against Boris Johnson, they did us all proud, gave it everything and gave the Labour leader something to chew on with his own ‘Boris Johnson’ backing votes.

We think Labour are now a finished party, with one of the most insane and Tory loving Labour leaders this country has ever had, a man that sits on the fence more than a wood pigeon, with no ears, no morality, no vision for the future of this country we expect Keir Starmer to be booted out at some point in the near future.

With Labour loving residents of this country who will probably still back the party we tell them to remember what Starmer did tonight! to think of the consequences of his actions, not thinking of the public good or its health but killing of more people who need to get help with severe illness who cannot even get into see a doctor! that is what your leader has voted for tonight.

People who died of cancer last year was off the scale, people committing suicide off the scale, mental health services broken, carers having to leave when they are badly needed, shops shutting down, and more this is what a brain dead Keir Starmer voted for tonight.

Despite this and even with Plan B restrictions we have NO LOCKDOWN and it will not get that way ever again, the restrictions we believe are not needed however wearing a mask is not the hardest thing to be doing, in certain situations it might be a good thing by keeping you warm, people wear snoods, this is enough and will be accepted.


Masks do not work to stop anything, more so the cloth masks it even says so on the instructions!

Christmas and New Year is still going to be a good one, we even read now the list of countries that have been on the red list are no longer on the red list even South Africa where the variant was first found, now then don’t you find that a bit weird?

Omicron variant will be everywhere soon apparently! and you may catch it as its like the plague so we are told, to reduce your chances just take simple measures such as wearing hand sanitiser, wash hands actually try not to touch any surface if you can, buses,trams and trains are fully cleaned and are safe places for people to travel on.

You could wear a mask if you feel its better to have one on or not, you do not need to wear one when outside unless you feel the need to wear it.

Use a Vitamin D supplement and get outside in the air and get on with your life, if you do catch the Omicron then you will start to feel tired, a bit out of it for a couple of days, maybe a bit of fever which can be controlled easily, you won’t have much of a cough and no nasal issues either, even if you have not been vaccinated these symptoms will be the same.

Those with severe health issues of any age will have symptoms much worse, and we suggest to people who have caught the variant to keep away from them for a while until its passed.

We believe this is the end of Covid, the Omicron variant because its so mild will mean natural immunity in the population although we know greedy Big Pharma will try hard to get you to have another vaccine, it would be up to a braver prime minister to tell them and the crazy scientists who need to go back to college and learn basic maths where to shove it.