All Covid restrictions (Plan B) will end on 27 January according to Boris Johnson who told MP’s in Parliament that the restrictions will end.


This means no face coverings need to be worn anywhere, Covid passports are not needed, it’s back to life how it was before the pandemic and the only thing that is left is compulsory isolation which will end on March 24.
The under-pressure PM told the house and the country that Covid is endemic now and we have to live with the virus-like we do the Flu, from time to time a new variant will be discovered that will not alter our course.
Covid rates are still high although dropping like a stone in many areas of the country, the PM said that he expected people to isolate if tested positive for Covid other than that and rightly so that the people of this country decide what is right for them.

Omicron is the end of Covid, this virus shows how badly the scientists got all the statistics wrong, and many other questions remain unanswered.

During the pandemic, though many lives were lost and although nowhere near what the scientists and SAGE were saying, we have to remember those that died and may they all rest in peace, including those that died through tragic suicide and hope the end of the restrictions will give some comfort to relatives and friends.
We are working to help with suicide awareness all year and hope that once Trafford’s mental health service gets back on its knees again these people will finally get the help they need, if you are struggling, if you are down, feeling isolated or lonely,

need a chat with someone just call the Samaritans on 116 123 free no matter what time of day! and it confidential, similarly if you see someone looking very upset, or looking lonely with the head down just a simple “Hi do you have the time” will start a conversation, it will help them in a bigger way than you would think and you may have saved a life, we can do our bit to help those most in need.

World Health Organisation was wrong, badly wrong with the predictions and still, they come out with the nonsense! who is behind this organisation? our research shows someone from Pfizer works for them! do you see where we are going with this? you work it out!

Our local political people were on a war footing, many got Covid themselves and yet all survived even before a vaccine was made! they did not need the vaccine since they already had antibodies, some were scared though which did not help the public one little bit, some are still that way although surely now they can come out of the wardrobe again.

We cannot wait for the public enquiry in April, where ministers, editors of legacy media, the scientists, SAGE who manipulated the public can be questioned.

The scare tactics were something from a war film! headlines “You are going to die” or similar was on the front cover of many newspapers, the leading story on the news channels and radio.

What will remind many people most though was the recorded live broadcast on BBC at around 8 pm on one Sunday evening, the start of restrictions when Boris came on and mislead the nation with utter rubbish, carefully scripted by psychologists who unethically scared the country.

This type of behaviour should never be allowed to be unleashed on the public ever again, these are the things the public enquiry is about, why the government brought in psychologists to make people change behaviour against our will.

So good riddance to this virus and glad to say many of us made it through what was a dreadful two years and we can now get back to work which you are allowed to do, So more cars on the roads! more pollution to look forward to and for them fed up Partington residents lots of time wasted in traffic jams.